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Barefoot Farm directly assists Tarahumara farmers by providing them with native varieties of corn and bean seeds, basic tools, and assistance with water resources and land protection. 100% of all farm proceeds and donations go directly to building grassroots seed banks in the Tarahumara’s ancestral homelands.

We have spent many years with the Tarahumara, modeling our own farm after their practices. We have also built relationships with the people, enabling us to provide direct assistance to the Tarahumara farmers who need it most. Drought, logging, and soil erosion have made subsistence farming even more difficult for the Tarahumara, and many farmers lack the resources to continue growing their ancient varieties of corn. We provide the seeds and tools to enable Tarahumara to continue their traditional farming and running culture.

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A donation of $35 provides a year’s worth of maize seeds for a Tarahumara farmer.

A donation of $50 enables a Tarahumara farmer to grow additional crops to support his family.

A donation of $100 or more can provide seeds and food for an entire Tarahumara community.

A donation of $200 or more will provide a clean water reservoir for an entire Tarahumara village.

A donation of $500 or more will provide a Tarahumara village with a complete sustainable food and water system: clean water reservoirs, solar pumps, irrigation, seeds, and tools.

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Barefoot Farm is an all-volunteer nonprofit. 100% of your donations go directly to growing fresh produce for people in need. All donations are also 100% tax-deductible.