who we are

Barefoot Farm is an eight-acre farmstead adjacent to the mountains and waterfalls of Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina.

Will Harlan and Emily Diznoff founded Barefoot Farm in 2005. The nonprofit farm provides fresh, local, organic produce to low-income families in need. The farm also assists indigenous Tarahumara farmers in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. Each year, Will journeys to the Tarahumara’s ancestral lands to to provide seeds and tools. He also shares the trails with the legendary, huarache-clad Tarahumara, running traditional ball races and ultra runs through their steep, ancestral canyons. Barefoot Farm has established seed banks in Mexico’s Copper Canyons for indigenous Tarahumara farmers and helped with clean water and conservation projects.

The off-grid organic farm in North Carolina is modeled on the Tarahumara homestead. Barefoot Farm’s water is gravity-fed to the farm from a pristine mountain spring. The house and farm are powered and heated completely by solar energy. Photovoltaic and solar thermal panels line the roof of the energy-efficient house they built. The nonprofit farm provides organic produce to families in need, promotes sustainable agriculture and ecology, and offers field trips and tours.

Our kids help with berry picking and seed planting. Our dogs protect the goats and chickens, guard the beehives and berry brambles, and chase away critters. Saanen dairy goats provide fresh milk daily. Thousands of honeybees in three hives keep our fields and forests well pollinated.

In 2016, our farm manager, Amy Halloran, will be overseeing the vegetable and flower production on the farm in addition to helping care for the fruit trees, brambles, and farm animals. Amy lives on the farm in a tiny cabin with her partner, Elliott, and their cat Fiddle. This is Amy’s 5th year as an organic farmer and her second year at Barefoot Farm. She’s thrilled to be part of the Barefoot Farm family.