We raise free-range Saanen and Nigerian Dwarf goats on rolling meadow and woodlands. We currently have three Saanen does, Juno and her daughters, Celeste and Star. Star was born this spring, but the full-grown Celeste and Juno provide us with raw milk for cheese,  yogurt, and soap.  Our Nigerian dwarf goat, Luna, has not yet been bred. The girls accompany us on walks through the forest, snacking on nettles and brambles.


Three honeybee hives provide both honey and pollinators for the gardens. The bee yard is located in the center of the farm, providing the bees with easy access to a wide variety of fruit and vegetable flowers. Our mountain ridge is dominated by tulip poplar, a favorite honeybee blossom. And the adjacent national forest and valley meadows provide an assortment of flowering plants for the bees.