A More Verdant World

A More Verdant World

July 8, 2014  |  Homesteader Blog, Uncategorized

Gentle readers, summer is fully upon us. Most days culminate in the kind of downpour reserved for summer afternoons – sudden and fierce, with raindrops big as eyeballs.

As one would expect, the main chore this time of year is weeding.Try as we might, I’m sure the most abundant edible in the fields is lambsquarters, closely followed by pigweed. Alas, the weeds are so much heartier than our dear domesticates. There are tomatoes to be staked and soon raspberries and kiwis to be pruned, and new potatoes to be coaxed out of the ground. But the tomatoes must first be uncovered like Aztec ruins in the jungle, and sunshine must revisit the squash, and the battle for vegetal dominion over the raised beds needs human hands to turn the tides.

My posts are usually laundry lists marking the passage of time, but that’s how it is out here: each task succeeded by the next, harvests endlessly overlapping, each day given a standard shape by the needs of the goats and the chickens, the eager internal dinner bell of the dogs, and broken up by the mid-day heat that drives me to seek shelter by 2 o’clock every afternoon. In the evening the fireflies play a high-stakes game of Marco Polo that goes well into the night. These mountains sparkle.

Every day our little corner of the earth is more beautiful.

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