Even more kids on the farm

Even more kids on the farm

June 17, 2014  |  Homesteader Blog

A while ago, before school was out for the summer, River’s kindergarten class came to visit us at Barefoot. They tried their hands at milking (Celeste, not Juno, who is less patient on the milking stand). They dined on a kid-friendly farm-to-table spread of apples and honey, goat cheese, chips and salsa, and home made ice cream. They got their hands in the dirt planting tomato starts. They watched a cheese making demonstration and saw Will harvest honey with a centrifuge. They completed a farm-wide scavenger hunt and did some intrepid exploring in Walker Creek. And somehow all of our small and oh-so-curious visitors left, though perhaps a little damp with creek water and sticky with honey, none the worse for wear.

the salamanders saw them coming. none were seen that day.

Have you hugged your hen today?

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