April Showers

bring spring flowers... and the planting of parsnips

April Showers

May 1, 2014  |  Homesteader Blog

So much has been happening here as the season swung suddenly into full gear. Spring is a fickle season, lulling our orchards into a false sense of security with balmy nights for a week at a time before snapping back to snow and frost, just as the first branches dare to flower.

Our little bucks have all found good homes and Star, Juno’s little doe kid, has grown precocious in the absence of her cohort. Stocky little Luna has gotten over her jealousy, although it probably helps that Star is now almost the same size as her (they grow up so fast). We have been milking Celeste and Juno for almost a month now, which means roughly two gallons of milk a day – plenty for the novice cheese maker to play with.

Potatoes are in the ground and the raised beds are all showing signs of life. The peas are looking lively, but the broccoli suffered in the last frost. The strawberries are flowering, and we harvested our first asparagus last week (!). Weeds are making alarming advances in every corner, but that’s to be expected, and we do our best to keep our crop islands above the rising tide of chickweed, clover, dandelions, and crab grass.

Asparagus makes its entrance

Broccoli is one of my favorite flowers

We’ve been working around the April showers, but they have certainly been drawing our schedule for us. In some ways though, the rain seems to be doing a lot of the work. It’s amazing what a warm, rainy night can do.

Our blueberries are thick with flowers and loud with bees, promising good things ahead. Our other berries received a lot of attention last week as we cut out all of lasts season’s fruiting stems (shoots are biennial and die after fruiting), attempted some weed control, trained the truly unruly semi-erect varieties, and planted a new row of raspberries.


The season has just begun. There’s so much still to come, and each day is greener than the last.

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