Animal, Vegetable, Fungus

Animal, Vegetable, Fungus

April 1, 2014  |  Homesteader Blog

Ah, spring. A week of snowstorms and 60 degree days. Celeste gave birth to triplets (three bouncing baby bucks) during Tuesday’s storm.

This week saw a hundred new shiitake logs drilled and plugged with thimble-shaped spawn capsules.

Action shot

round pegs, round holes

We almost doubled the size of our mushroom operation. Of course, the new logs won’t fruit this season (they’ll spend most of the year establishing themselves in their new hardwood homes), but next year will bring an embarrassment of riches in the shadier parts of the property.

Snowcaps, living up to their name.

The cats eye the raised beds as though they were the giant litter boxes of kitty heaven, but at least they avoid the starts we put in the ground this week.

itty bitty tatsoi babies, and Katie's fabulous fingernails

We planted flats of tomatoes (Roma, Amish Paste, and Brandywine), peppers, basil, and sage – but they’ll spend the nights indoors until May, when the last chance of hard frost is gone.
Starting tomato seeds

The first veggies (lettuce and the like) won’t be ready to harvest until late April or early May, and patience is a virtue I’m still learning, but with potatoes to get in the ground, and mulching, and mowing, and a million other things to do, asparagus season will sneak up on us before we know it.

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