New Arrivals

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New Arrivals

March 23, 2014  |  Homesteader Blog

Shout it from the rooftops, the kids are here! And our kids are the cutest, smartest, sweetest, most precocious kids of any kids that ever were (can you tell that they’re my first?). At 9 AM on Wednesday, our oldest Saanen doe Juno dropped a little buck and a little doe into the world without a hitch.

Our dwarf Nubian goat, Luna, seems to be having jealousy issues because she’s no longer the cutest goat in the pasture. Our other Saanen, Celeste, is due any day now, and if she’s not holding at least two in there I’ll be massively surprised. By now, dear reader, you have probably noticed the deliberate celestial theme in our caprine nomenclature; we are still trying to name the newest members of the family, so please feel free to leave stellar baby names in the comments.

In a few months we will be looking for a good home for Juno’s little boy, so if you or anyone you know has a goat-sized hole in the heart, give us a holler! We’ve got just the goat for your troubles.

Never mind the snow that’s coming for us on Tuesday – Spring is here, and you can look forward to regular posts on farm activities, and of course more pictures of baby goats than are strictly necessary.

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